Finally Starting a Blog

Quick Background

For about the longest time I thought blogs were a thing of the past, and to be honest they may still be. After all social media seems so prevalent that why on god’s green earth would you need a clunky blog? It took a while to realize that giant posts on Facebook and Instagram were just as annoying as the chained tweets on Twitter. And so here we are.

I am not going to lie it took a bit of effort to set this up (not because of any difficulty but because as a guy who builds his own sites and products, it feels weird writing on Markdown on Github. Either way, however it goes, I am excited and will be using this blog to document anything related from tech to finance or quantitative in nature, both research and things like interview tips.

But where are my manners, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Robert and I both work and study AI. I enjoy travelling, music, going out and meeting people, but also deep topics, which I personally thinks will make this project all the more fun. I have more projects than I keep track of, and only recently had the time and energy to start putting my work out there.

Without further ado…

What is this about?

To begin, what ISN’T this about? I personally have loads I can talk about but I will be honest, I will be narrowing it down initially. First off, this blog will focus on my AI studies, research and more. It was a confusing journey (and still is) learning all the relevant material beyond simply flashy marketing words (i.e. regression) so I hope to detail that, starting with the easiest to use resources out there. Second, I want to also pay homage to web dev. This is something I recently brought myself to learn and cannot believe I did not focus effort on this before, as it helps in showcasing your work to others and actually making apps/programs others can see and use. Third, I’m thinking of including some of the research and side projects I work on. These are mostly in quantitative finance, so more to come here soon. And Finally, career tips and interview notes from a field that is constantly changing and not exactly the most clear cut as to what can be expected. I can say for sure that Big Tech interviews have been the easiest when compared to Prop Shops or ML firms so hope to shed some light here.

Did I miss something…

I feel the above is a good start to just getting a blog off the ground. I personally am a perfectionist and it took a while to just accept getting started and improving on this later. Good things habits can change for the better right? If you want to reach out or see some of my sample projects that I have had the decency to transfer from my laptop onto the web, check out my github @robml. See you soon.